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Hello all, my name is Claire and I am the founder of Cause a Cine.

Cause a Cine is an idea of mine that has been in the making for a while now, and with the guidance and support of my beautiful lady friends, I am so proud and excited to finally launch this blog. 

This blog is a combination of a few things I am passionate about: screen and stage entertainment, writing and feminism. 

I created this blog because every day I see evidence of the marginalization of women in the entertainment industry. Everyday I see a new statistic, video, read a story or see a quote about the inequality of women in these industries, for either performing or in behind the scenes work.

Also, as a media and cinema studies student, I have noticed my courses are filled with male scholars, male opinions and voices. In cinema studies especially, majority of the readings we were assigned were written by men, and majority of the films we studied featured male leads. All films were directed by a man. 

But you know what? I go to my lectures and my classes and I see that half, if not over half of the students I see in these rooms and lecture halls are girls. In my cinema studies subjects, the coordinators are women, and for both subjects I have taken so far, my tutors have been women. Whereas in media, my tutors and lecturers have been men.  

The female voice needs to get out there. Female students and everyday appreciators need to know that men aren't the only ones with a "valid" opinion, that they aren't the only voice we have to hear. 

Everyday I am inspired by amazing ladies who achieve, aspire, inspire and speak up about this marginalization. In particular, I am inspired by women like Reese Witherspoon and Bruna Papandrea who started their own production company, Pacific Standard, aimed at producing films with strong female lead roles (and smashed the box office last year with their debut films Gone Girl and Wild); And here at home, with the introduction of another all-female production house The Dollhouse Collective, based in Sydney, run by amazing artists Rose Byrne, Gracie Otto, Krew Boyland, Shannon Murphy and Jessica Carrera. All-female production companies are taking action to create female content and that is what this blog shall do, too. 

I am inspired by so many amazing women, and I could not possibly list them all, but they will be celebrated in future posts, because that's what this blog is all about.

My hope for this blog is for it to be inter-sectional. I want it to be inclusive of women of all identities. When I use the words female/women/girls, we mean anyone who identifies as such, no matter what gender she was assigned at birth. 

I have a lot of plans and high hopes for this blog, but it, like I, is a work in progress. I wish to be the best writer, editor and feminist that I can be, but I am learning. So bear with me, as I learn. 

All in all, I am very excited, and I hope you are, too. 

If you wish to write for Cause a Cine, be sure to check out the Facebook and Twitter accounts for "casting calls", and the Contribution page in the sidebar. Cause a Cine would love to have you!

Let's do this thing.


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